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About Edmeston Central School District

Edmeston Central School building
Edmeston Central School District is a public Pre-K through 12th grade school located in Otsego County, New York. The district covers 95 square miles in the western part of Otsego County. Our school serves approximately 370 students in one school building. The original school building was constructed in 1937, and contains many distinctive architectural features.
History of Edmeston Central School

A log school house (combination church and school) on Taylor Hill was known to exist as early as 1797. Pupils came to this school from a large area, including Burlington Flats.

In 1812 New York State created an Act for the Encouragement of Common Schools. Jedediah Peck of Burlington proposed this law which was the start of Common School Districts in the State. His grave is a historical site located on State Route 80 near Salamacha Road in the town of Burlington. Each township created districts which were partially supported by the State. At one time the Town of Edmeston had 15 districts and the Town of Burlington had 12. In 1853 a law creating Union Schools, which provided advanced education of groups of these schools, was enacted. In 1891, the schools near Edmeston Center (School District #3) combined to form a Union School which was accredited as a Regents approved High School in 1897. Students from out of the Union School area who wished to attend paid tuition.

Under the leadership of the District Superintendent, Nathan Southworth, and the supervising Principal, George Purple, the Edmeston Central School was formed in 1937. Schools from the Towns of Burlington and Edmeston, parts of Brookfield, Exeter, New Lisbon, Otsego, Pittsfield and Plainfield were combined into one school system and in 1939 the Edmeston Central School building was opened.   The last to close their doors were West Edmeston in 1958, and Burlington Flats in 1980. Edmeston Central has had many Supervising Principals (now called Superintendents): George Purple, Arthur Rich, Leslie Graves, Frank Mullet, John F. Holdorf, James Polunci, David Rowley, Brian Hunt, Tracy Davison, and Gary Furman.

           A number of changes to the 1937 building have occurred. Four rooms were added on the north end of the original building in 1950 and the elementary wing was built six years later. In 1977 the gymnasium was erected and in 1991 major renovations along with 10 new classrooms opened the school year. The millennium brought eight new middle school classrooms and two media centers. A kitchen, cafeteria and classrooms were added to the front of the building in 2004. The athletic facilities have been expanded to include a new soccer field surrounded by a track, an outdoor basketball court and baseball and softball fields. Renovations improved the health offices, parking and student drop-off areas, playground and school house. The Town of Edmeston pool has been renovated and will be opening soon.  Plans are currently in the works for further renovations and repairs to the existing building which continues to be an exemplary rural school facility.

Edmeston Alma Mater 
Edmeston our Alma Mater
To thee we'll all be true
As loyal sons and daughters
We pledge our hearts to you
We will raise each voice in praises
No honor shall we lack
As we work for dear old Edmeston
And the Orange and the Black

Superintendent of Schools
Dr. Gary Furman
Christine Nichols
Edmeston Central School
11 North Street
Edmeston, NY  13315